Coffee Beans

About Coffee Beans

We deliver top quality coffee to your home and workplace. We deliver all over Ireland, United Kingdom and Europe. All of our coffee beans are 100% Arabica , we offer some Robusta blends with our capsule range.

Coffee has a number of different tastes and tastes change all the time. The purpose of this website is to help you identify the coffee you like by offering a wide selection of coffees. You can then purchase your favourite or try something new with each order.


We offer a variety of coffees (we are adding all the time) that we feel are top quality. These coffees are sourced from importers and roasters directly. Most of them sell to trade only and their focus is on quality over quantity.

Our prices are competitive with the high street shops despite the fact that our suppliers are not producing in mass quantities. Our suppliers trade on quality more than price, and we feel that you will stay with us once you find your ideal coffee.

We are currently focusing on small suppliers of coffee. Suppliers who are making a success of supplying quality coffee to the café trade but are too small to supply to shops and super markets etc. These suppliers know their coffee and spend their days producing and improving their coffee selection. We hope to increase the range of coffee on offer but we will only do it with coffee we are able to stand over.